About the Timber Meisters

Timber Meisters was founded in 1998 by brothers, Barry and Bryce Rinkhoff. The brothers’ passion for traditional building began at an early age while watching an episode of Roy Underhill’s The Woodwright’s Shop on PBS. At the age of 14 they built their first log cabin on their family’s farm in Pennsylvania.

Eventually they began to search for and acquire antique barns and log homes to dismantle, restore and re-home such as this sheep barn that was converted for use as a woodworking shop:

For ten years Barry and Bryce continued to seek out and restore these historic structures. Some received necessary repairs and remained in use as barns. Others found new life as homes, artists’ studios and even restaurants.

In 2007, Bryce left the company to pursue another life-long dream, the manufacture of fireworks, while Barry began to direct his efforts toward new construction of traditional style log homes and timber frames. The vintage barns and log homes he had so appreciated were rapidly disappearing as housing developments began to devour the lands that were once family farms and landowners found that the demand for sawn barn timbers promised better profit than the sale of a whole structure.

Building new also meant that more time could be spent with his growing family as 90% of the job could be done in his home shop and he would only need to travel to his client’s site for erection of the finished structure. He found an enthusiastic market for his handcrafted timber-frame trusses and traditional, Appalachian style log homes.